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PO Box 98946 , Seattle, WA 98198
(360) 927-1605
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Services: JEC Services LLC provides professional engineering consulting services as well as civil/structural design for many types of civil engineering projects and forensic engineering investigations forensic investigations for insurance companies and attorneys. JEC Services owns and operates efficient non-destructive testing equipment such as ground penetration radar (GPR) for structural concrete scanning. We can locate and identify mild reinforcing (rebar), post-tension steel reinforcing strands, conduits, grouted and ungrouted masonry cells and slab/element thickness. GPR scanning services are typically a prerequisite to to sawcutting, coring or drilling through concrete.
Categories: Professional Engineers, Construction Engineers, Roofing Services Consultants, Inspection Service, Building Designers, Consulting Engineers, Civil Engineers, Forensic Engineers, Engineering Reports, Testing Engineers
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