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5115 NE Cully Blvd, Portland, OR 97218
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About Company: Specialties We specialize in repair, sharpening, and maintenance of many types of lawn equipment, such as, hand mowers, power mowers, edgers, tillers, and other various garden tools. History Established in 1963. My Father, C.L. Finney started the business in 1963, and has serviced lawn, and garden equipment in the Portland area for many years, until passing the torch to me.   My name is Patrick Finney, and I plan on keeping the Family business active for many more years to come, and will offer the same friendly service to everyone that I meet. Meet the Business Owner Patrick F. Business Owner I pretty much grew up with all of this repair stuff going on around me.  I would hang out with my Father in the shop after school, and watch him repair lawnmowers, and try to help him, if he needed it.   Eventually, I began repairing lawnmowers as well, and always asked questions on what to do if I ran into a problem.   My Dad would always make sure that I knew what the problem was, and why it happened.   So I had a real good understanding of how things worked, and was pretty good at doing the troubleshooting, when a repair job came in.   Today, I am grateful that I paid attention to what I learned from my Father.  If I encounter some type of problem, I think back on what I saw, or what I heard my Dad say to me. And that does the trick.
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